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How To Use QR Codes Correctly! (Plus a FREE Offer!)
We’ve all become pretty familiar with QR Codes within the past year.  What seemed to be the strangest little box with a mess of black and white lines is now being used on everything from t-shirts, signs and food products, to magazines and business cards, or anywhere else you can think of! It’s time to take a closer look at why we use QR Codes, how they should not be used and how they are most effective!

3 Good Reasons You Should Never Kick Your Blog to the Curb!
In our social media society, it seems we’re constantly being faced with updated features, new tricks and even new social media sites.  And, while it’s good to stay on the cutting edge of social media marketing, it doesn’t negate having a solid and consistent real estate blog.

Take Your Facebook Page to the Next Level With RealPro’s Facebook Tabs!
it’s difficult to incorporate your branding on your business page. You can have your branding in your profile picture and general information as well as your wall posts, but the overall feel of your website isn’t really present anywhere on your page. That’s where RealPro comes in...

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