Lead Management

RealSupport Inc. has helped many of our clients organize, generate, compose, implement and maintain their lead campaigns. RealSupport uses a 5 phased approach to organize our clients lead campaigns, making the process as automated as possible after the initial setup. This gives our clients the freedom to go out and sell while their marketing efforts never slow down. Do what you do best and hire out the rest!

Phase I – Define Target Market
Define your target markets and where the leads are generated from. After we have your list of lead types identified, RealSupport will start with just 1 lead type and continue on through the rest of the planning and implementation phases below. When that lead type has a completed campaign and plan implemented, we will begin the process again with the next lead type. Breaking your targets down and doing them one at a time is crucial. If we try to tackle all of your lead types at one time, there is no doubt you will feel overwhelmed and lines between them will become blurry.

Phase II – Outline Campaign
In Phase II, RealSupport will work with you to establish an outline for the campaign along with timelines for each marketing email to be sent. This is a high level plan; it can include writing and/or tweaking content chosen from existing email templates in your drip campaign service of choice (ie: Top Producer, Gooder Group, Realty Generator, RealPro, etc). Please note, you are required to subscribe to some type of service that allows drip marketing. If you do not currently have one, RealSupport will make recommendations based on your needs and take care of getting you set-up.

Phase III – Tweak Existing Email Content
Now that you have your outline, RealSupport will work with you on tweaking and/or re-writing the content of your campaign emails. We typically start off with existing content from your drip campaign service’s pre-built email library. Armed with the pre-built email library template emails, we will tweak them and also write additional campaign emails as needed. Tweaking and/or re-writing the pre-built template emails is absolutely necessary to ensure your emails are perceived as “personally written” vs. generic auto emails.

Phase IV – Setting Up Plans
RealSupport will then create the plan in your drip campaign service. This step also involves importing any contacts that are not already in your database, setting up groups and assigning the newly created campaign to existing contacts and new contacts.

Phase V – Implementation/Maintenance
At this point, your campaign will be ready to implement. RealSupport will maintain your plan and leads on a daily or weekly basis.

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